Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Cure Hangover

Let's say you were having a great party last night and you can hardly remember it. Your brain hurts awefully and your mouth is dry as sandpaper.

Congratulations! You are just having a hangover.

But how to get rid of it?

~ Drink more! You surely have already heared that drinking a "Konterbier" (counter-beer) - as we say in germany - cures your hangover but thats just false. In fact drinking alcohol with a hangover just makes it worse.
~ Coffee: Coffee will - as well as exercises - dehydrate you. Don't sap more precious water from your already drained body. THis will only worsen your condition.

~ Eat: Anything high in protein is a good alcohol buffer. Amino acids help your stomach to absorbe the alcohol. Avoid fatty or sugary meals.

~ Water: Drinking water is obviously good, it will refill your body with water which you need most.

I hope this helps you a bit ;)



  1. I'll be sure to tell my friends lol

  2. Good tips dude. Although, most people tend to drink more ;) Nothing like getting a hot dog after a long night of drinking though.